Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Further Step to The Future

Dear World,

We finally agree to bring our relationship to go further: marriage.

As you may know, he and I have been couple since high school. A lot of people have tought that someday we can make this last forever. And noted, they might be true.

Some people say that preparing a wedding is as bitter sweet moment in your life. And guess what? They got the point! Hahaha. That's why i start to "activate" my personal blog, to tell you more about every single we have taken to make this dream come true. And to help the other brides-to-be who surf the cyber space to make their own wedding special. Believe me, i did that too! It is still a long way to go, but this is one of the way to sparkle the love between us that has been blooming for almost 7 years! Haha!

There must be some thought that i just wanna give up because the wedding takes a lot of money! However, i keep thinking that GOD will show His magic when humanbeing wants to go forward to a better place. To a holly destination that makes human a human: marriage.

Ok, enough for this opening explanation. I will go to the first step: deciding a venue. Believe me, deciding a wedding venue is not going to be easy.



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